Delicious Savoury rolls

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Home-made savoury rolls ($14.50)

Packs of 6x Cocktail rolls

Gluten free savoury rolls ($21.95)

Packs of 3x Large rolls

Party packs

Perfect for birthday parties

Home Made Pies

 ~Varieties ~

Award-winning Chunky Beef
Award Winning Butter Chicken
Shepherds Pie
Bacon & Egg
Steak & Onion
Aussie BBQ
Mac & Cheese (Vegan)


6 Pies +

6 Savoury Rolls +

2kg Potato Gems


2.5kg Fries 

all for $70

Delivered to your door*

Choose from;

Chunky Beef Pies
Butter Chicken Pies
Vegetable Curry
Mac & Cheese (Vegan)
Gourmet Beef Roll
Thai Chicken Roll
Vegan Roll

local area applies*

Food service / wholesale packs available please contact Deb 0415 170 733